Concerto Budapest’s online Mozart Day garners enormous success

Concerto Budapest’s grand-scale Mozart Day - an all-day live stream event - concluded with tremendous acclaim and reached astonishing audience numbers in Hungary and abroad, turning this March Sunday into a genuine feast of music. Thank you!

András Keller, the orchestra's musicians and the leaders of the live stream crew wish to express their gratitude to Gábor Takács-Nagy, who - in response to András Keller's invitation - did not only conduct the ensemble during the afternoon concert but also acted as the host of the entire Mozart Day event series. This marvellous violinist and conductor was guiding the audience with passionate and highly gripping declarations right from the Opening concert to the Little Night Music, “topping” it with his own performance.

Special thanks go to the world celebrity of the day, the Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt, who was ready to take to the stage alongside Concerto Budapest and to give two grand concerts, even in these uncertain and adverse times. We were overjoyed when the star accepted our invitation straight away and was ready to weather all inconveniences of a journey from Britain to Hungary to delight the Hungarian and the international audience at this unique production

We are also very grateful to the young Hungarian pianist, Ivett Gyöngyösi, who rendered Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major with great devotion and emotional intensity at the afternoon concert under the baton of Gábor Takács-Nagy.

Mozart’s recently discovered piece, Allegro in D major, was performed by the young and talented Mihály Berecz on his own fortepiano, making the Hungarian premiere a genuinely singular occasion.

Last but not least, both our musicians and the crew wish to express their gratitude to the performers of our exclusive stream-around, who all joined us for our Mozart Day from all over the world, delighting us all not only with their marvellous piano music but also deeply personal thoughts with which they paid tribute to the ever-young Austrian composer-genius.

The concert flow of the Mozart Day was aired by the most popular Hungarian news portal,, surrounded by fascinating and profoundly relevant articles. Thanks to these, not only sharp-eared music lovers but also a wider audience of interested and open listeners could become more familiar with the marvels of Mozart's music, which Concerto Budapest managed to re-create with incredible power in the online space. This media-historically singular collaboration materialised with the major creative contribution of the journalists and editors of

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