On the 1st of March, from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. the two concert halls of the Liszt Academy will be overwhelmed by the sounds of Mozart. Outstanding soloists, excellent chamber orchestras and symphonic orchestras will lead us to the mysterious world of the incredible musical genius, Mozart.

”I’ll remember this day as a clear, light, beautiful memory for the rest of my life. The wonderful sounds of Mozart will echo in my ears  from far, quietly  [...] Oh, Mozart, immortal Mozart – how endless is the number of reminiscence of a better, happier, more pure life you have imprinted into the soul of all of us with your music.” This is how Franz Schubert wrote 200 years ago about a day he spent discovering the music of his great and mostly admired ancestor and this is the experience awaiting all participating at the Mozart-day organised for the 3rd time at the Liszt Academy. The Grand Hall and the Solti Hall will be filled with the music of Mozart full of timeless beauty, playful refinement, elevated humanism and joie de vivre, interpreted by the most excellent musicians within the frame of the organisation of Concerto Budapest.

Mozart-Day 1.: Opening concert

Mozart-Day 3.: Miklós Spányi and the Concerto Armonico

Mozart-Day 4.: Gran Partita

Mozart-day 6.: Flute Quartet in C major and String Quintet in G minor

Mozart-Day 7.: Aria concert of Emőke Baráth

Mozart-Day 8.: Closing concert