Seven evenings in the company of music’s unquestionable giants and restless geniuses, plus a complimentary Premier concert offering the possibility of a modern-day discovery and the chance to be among the first to marvel at a composition fresh out of the creative workshop. This is the experience on offer with this season ticket series bringing Concerto Budapest into the orbit of such luminaries as Heinz Holliger and Neeme Järvi, Khatia Buniatishvili and Matan Porat, László Fenyő and György Vashegyi. Pure music to the ears: Bartók and Berlioz, German and Russian Romantics, the cream of English composition and even sacred music by Haydn and Arvo Pärt. The Premier concert features a presentation of a reworked and rearranged Concerto for Viola by excellent contemporary artist Gyula Csapó: Gábor Homoki’s solo shows his deep commitment to the work and the piece is conducted by the remarkably gifted young musician Gergely Dubóczky.