What is music about? Can musical notes have meaning? Can we depict animals, people, enchanted beings with our instruments when the work has no lyrics? What can we express through music that we cannot with words? Artists of the orchestra in partnership with the kids have a go at finding answers to these and other questions; the young audience gets a playful overview of the world and history of classical and folk music as well as instruments. Star players in this season’s concerts include, for example, a bumblebee, a dragon, Mazsola the little green piglet, but children also get to glimpse the world of olden-day balls, the kingdom of dwarves, the village of giants and the courtyard of famous folk tale characters. Gábor Iván, percussion player with Concerto Budapest, is the children’s guide on these musical outings and pantomime artist Csaba Méhes is responsible for the great vibe and improved understanding.