Beethoven Days - Beethoven Piano Sonatas

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BEETHOVEN DAYS In Honour of Annie Fischer

Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Ádám Balogh, Mihály Berecz, Gábor Csalog, Tamás Érdi, András Kemenes, János Palojtay, Fülöp Ránki, Balázs Szokolay

Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas are of as much significance as his nine symphonies, and for many they still represent the apogee of achievement in the genre to this day. Hans von Bülow called the works written between 1795–1822 the ‘New Testament’, as though they were a continuation of Bach’s two Das wohltemperierte Klavier volumes, in other words, the ‘Old Testament’. Again, it was Bülow who first performed them all in a single concert cycle, truly a superhuman achievement. These pieces were the first in the sonata genre designed by their composer for public performance, yet they lose nothing of their intimacy. This is why the BMC concert hall is the ideal venue, where – within the framework of Beethoven Days – instead of a single pianist marathon recital it is artist partners of Concerto Budapest, some of the finest representatives in Hungarian music, who perform these great sonatas by Beethoven. Included in this astonishing recital is the Moonlight Sonata renowned for its beautiful second movement, the PathétiqueSonata, penned by Beethoven when just 27 years old, and the Quasi una Fantasia sonata that straddles the boundary of two genres, plus a selection of his philosophically profound late sonatas and works for four hands.