HUNGARIAN GEMS - Muzsikás Hungarian Folk Ensemble

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BÉLA BARTÓK Divertimento, BB118

LÁSZLÓ DUBROVAY Concerto for Hungarian Folk Instruments and Orchestra

LEVENTE GYÖNGYÖSI I would go if I could go


Muzsikás Hungarian Folk Ensemble

MáriaPetrás folk singer

András Szalai  cimbalom              

György Lányi  bagpipe, jaw harp

Zoltán Juhász  Transylvanian blockflöte, shepherd"s pipe

András Németh  hurdy gurdy

Conductor András Keller

Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra


This concert promises to be a meeting and electrification of recent and contemporary Hungarian composition as well as folk music, and at the same time the combined appearance of Concerto Budapest and Muzsikás. The programme gets underway with Béla Bartók's Divertimento. The 1999 millennium concerto by László Dubrovay was written for an unusual instrumental line-up. It was composed for Concerto Budapest, who at that time operated under a different name. Thus, at the world premiere of the four-movement piece in 2001 the orchestra also performed. This same pioneering excellence can also be associated with the concerto for folk instruments and symphony orchestra by Levente Gyöngyösi: the orchestra led by András Keller and Muzsikás Folk Ensemble presented this work in 2017. Finally, in the folk music concert part closing the programme, a key role is taken by Mária Petrás, folk singer and holder of the Prima Primissima Prize and Hungarian Heritage Prize.