Masterpieces of our music heritage played worldwide and treasures largely forgotten even at home, works most worthy of discovery by an Oscar winner celebrated in Hollywood and an Austrian master born in Bratislava, whose mother was Hungarian, a whole series of 19th, 20th and 21st century compositions: this in a nutshell is the long-established Concerto Budapest season ticket series showcasing Hungarian jewels in Pest Vigadó. In concerts conducted by Ádám Medveczky, Tibor Bogányi, András Keller, and János Kovács, the commitment of four great instrumental soloists argues for the value of works that are rarely played, or indeed have not been performed for very many years. Thus in the first concert Miklós Perényi plays works from Dohnányi to Ferenc Farkas, after which we become acquainted with noteworthy pieces by János Viski thanks to Katalin Kokas, Franz Schmidt with solo by Mihály Berecz, and finally Miklós Rózsa via Máté Szűcs.