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A közelmúltban egyebek mellett jelentős külföldi médiumokban jelentek meg cikkek a Concerto Budapestről. Többek között Jens F. Laurson (Classics Today, Forbes) és Norman Lebrecht (The Spectator) tollából.

Jens F. Laurson neves amerikai kritikus publicita írt pezsgő kritikát a Concerto Budapest Andrej Korobejnyikovval közös koncertjéről.

Norman Lebrecht, brit zenekritikus legenda Keller András, Kurtág György tanítvány társaságában beszélgetett a mesterrel, mely az egyik legrangosabb brit sajtóorgánumban, a The Spectator oldalain jelent meg.


A Stunning Orchestral Surprise in Budapest - 
A Budapest Miracle? Concerto Budapest's "Wow" Moment

"what a concert it was." ... "the Concerto Budapest—long established but revived and raised to new heights by its current music director András Keller (of Keller Quartet fame)—performed with absurd accuracy and sensitivity. The turn-on-a-dime-agile brass was secure; the strings warm and wispy-velvety in the true pianissimos; the woodwinds colorful. Moreover, the collective responded in such minute detail to Keller’s instructions that it just about took your breath away. Climaxes were approached not with a permanent swell but only quick peaks followed by an immediate and gentle receding of the strings. It’s just the way you think a string quartet player would want to make his orchestra play. You just don’t think he’d actually achieve it. Astonishing… just as it was impressive how the band could disappear into the background by becoming pure atmosphere—both in the pointillism of Lutosławski and the Delacroix-like tone painting of Rachmaninov. At one point I pinched myself: Is it really that good or am I hearing things?"


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