Hungarian Gems 2.

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László DUBROVAY: Festive Overture
János VISKI: Violin Concerto
BARTÓK: Cantata profana, BB 100

Katalin Kokas violin, IstvánHorváth tenor, GáborBretz bass
Cantemus Mixed Choir (choral director: Soma Szabó)
Conductor: Tibor Bogányi

The programme launching with László Dubrovay’s Festive Overture vividly portrays the organic unity of 20th and 21st century Hungarian music even in its diversity, its known and to-be-discovered values, its points of contact and its richness more profound than suspected. “I am the flag bearer of the Kodály School,” János Viski characterized himself when shouldering the role of disciple. His romantic-toned Violin Concerto begun around 1940 and only completed in 1947 features a solo by Katalin Kokas. After the composition by Viski, who taught many Hungarian masters of the recent past and the present, the concert (conductor: Tibor Bogányi) continues with an epochal masterpiece, Cantata Profana: “a legend about nine young huntsmen who go into a forest pursuing stags but are themselves bewitched and turned into their prey” – thus Béla Bartók summed up the carolling theme serving as the basis of the cantata in his writing on Romanian folk music. Finally, the last work in the programme evokes both the early career of a young Bartók and the memory of Zoltán Kocsis who supremely represented the art of the greatest Hungarian composer as pianist, conductor and skilled arranger.

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