Concert of the Ligeti Ensemble Celebrating the 80th Birthday of László Sáry

Collage, Tango, Broadway boogie-woogie
Pebble Playing in a Pot

Concerto classico
Oratorio - world premiere
Etudes for Steam Locomotives

Performers: József Balog, Gábor Csalog piano, László Sáry piano, whistling, Judit Szathmáry, Bernadett Nagy, Márta Murányi, Péter Fehérváry, Zoltán Melkovics, Csaba Horváth singers, Amadinda Percussion Group, Tamás Schlanger ​percussions, Ligeti Ensemble

Conductor: Zoltán Rácz


“I was never engaged with the problem of individual style. Some external impact, impression or experience always played its part when it came to writing the majority of my pieces. I don’t even know if I have my own style or sound. In my opinion, the exercise of art is a process of learning. Learning about the world and about ourselves. In this process, I feel the role of the personality is almost a barrier, it isolates, restricts, and does not permit me to identify with other sounds, perceptions or cultures. Perhaps my goal is not being freed from personality, but rather broadening the personality and openness to a degree that allows acceptance of the most varied things.” The quote comes from an old interview with László Sáry. This celebratory concert picks representative compositions from his oeuvre such as Memory (1987) scored for piano and whistling or the 1978 Pebble Playing in a Pot that is of such importance in the Hungarian history of new music. Despite his advanced age, the 80-year-old László Sáry, co-founder of the New Music Studio, inventor of the so-called ‘Sáry method’, legendary music director of the Katona Theatre, will also take part in the concert.